A refreshing mind-body workout

Pilates Girls

We offer Fletcher-trained and Peak-trained Pilates for theraputic rehab.

Our Pilates protocals are a blend of mat, reformer, circle, towel and tower work.
Your rehab training may consist of all of the above or maybe just two.

Develop a strong core - flat abdominals and a strong back

Gain long, lean muscles and flexibility

Create an evenly conditioned body, improve sports performance, and prevent injuries

Pilates conditions the whole body, even the ankles and feet. No muscle group is over trained or under trained. Your entire musculature is evenly balanced and conditioned, helping you enjoy daily activities and sports with greater ease, better performance and less chance of injury.

Learn how to move efficiently

Pilates exercises train several muscle groups at once in smooth, continuous movements.

It’s gentle…

Many of the exercises are performed in reclining or sitting positions, and most are low impact and partially weight bearing. Pilates is so safe, we use it to rehabilitate many injuries.

But it’s also challenging…

Pilates is also an extremely flexible exercise system. Modifications to the exercises allow for a range of difficulty ranging from beginning to advanced.

We proudly use Balanced Body Reformers

Balanced Body Reformer

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