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High Powered PEMF by MagnaWave

What is PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) directs powerful, pulsed energy waves toward damaged or injured areas, allowing your body to heal naturally. Using PEMF is said to stimulate cell metabolism, increase oxygenation and reduce inflammation. This action can cause a chain of processes in the body that could lead to improvement of health without adverse side effects. Research involving PEMF has been ongoing since the 1940’s.

If you've heard of PEMF before you might even know that it has been used by NASA to help mitigate bone loss and muscle atrophy in astronauts. PEMF Therapy is also an indispensable tool for athletes because of its positive effects in boosting their performance, helping them deal with injuries and keeping their mental acuity at peak levels.

How Does PEMF Therapy Relive Pain?

Your whole body, including skin, bones, and organs, is composed of cells. The membranes of healthy cells have positive and negative magnetic charges. These charges are required to exchange ions carrying chemical elements your body needs to function, like calcium and potassium. Over time your cells deteriorate or get injured, and when that happens they lose their magnetic charges - and with them, the ability to exchange ions. Symptoms like inflammation, fatigue, and pain are caused by damaged cells with low charges. PEMF technology targets the affected area and restores cells’ healthy electromagnetic charges.

How can MagnWave PEMF Help?

If you suffer from pain, have pain from a recent injury, or if you’re in search of joint pain relief, PEMF therapy may be able to help. PEMF therapy is a non-drug form of pain relief, and even better, it has never been associated with any negative side effects.

PEMF is known to:

  • Increase circulation and blood oxygenation
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase Range of Motion
  • Increase Energy
  • Decrease healing time of wounds, soft tissue injury, non-union fractures and post operative procedures
  • Promote better sleep
  • Improve the uptake of supplements and medications
  • Help the body detox on a cellular level
  • Increase overall well being and be used for preventative care

PEMF is FDA approved for the treatment of depression/anxiety, non-union fractures, urinary incontinence in women, migraines and glioblastomas.
PEMF is safe and non-invasive with a very low side effect profile.

If you’re in pain right now -- or maybe you’ve had pain for years -- do something about it today.

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